When a team of passionate individuals who love design, colours, everything art and an undying love for phone covers come together in a cosy, quirky and fun office based in Ghaziabad and Delhi, something is bound to stir!!! Add to that parties and pizzas (loads of it) and you get the most eye catching phone covers ever!!!

This is essentially what Coverscase is all about. Using the best tech available, our prints not only look dynamic but come with a lifetime warranty!!! You get your money back if the paint chips or fades!!! (though you won’t ever have to... trust me, we tried with all those spilled beers!!!)

We understand your phones need protection. But a little (or loads) of style never hurt anyone!!! In fact, extensive scientific research (not done by us) says that your personality is reflected in your art choices. Which is why we bring you a humungous range of choices so that whenever you walk into a room (any room, even the boring meeting ones) you make a statement.

And in case you are wondering how we do all this superhero stuff, we will tell you our secret: we have capes hidden in our closets ;)